Best Charcoal Grill For Smoking Your Meats To Perfection

best charcoal grill for smoking

Making the right choice in purchasing the best charcoal grill for smoking, it could be quite stressful and a difficult choice to make because of the extensive factors that you have to consider. From its appearance, a grill may seem to be in the best shape based on its features and specs, but when you start using it, it fails to deliver as expected. Such unexpected situations make the whole process of selecting the best charcoal grill to be tedious and frustrating.

There is much variety when it comes to grills available in Weber Performer parts. The selection is diverse in charcoal grill limited, and hence, you are always in a fix with the numerous options at your disposal. For instance, there is a portable grill that is best for picnics and the larger ones which are suitable and designed for little movements. While the stationary ones are purposely used for backyards and barbecues.

Most people tend to look at the technical features more than the practical performances of the grill, but most times, this can turn out to be negative future defects. It is advisable that you first prioritize your need and objectives you main to achieve with your charcoal grill. This will guide you in selecting the best grill to perform those functions efficiently without unnecessary malfunctions. The following that is listed below, are a few tips on how to choose the best charcoal grills.

Why Buy a Charcoal Grill

On the chance you’re contemplating purchasing a charcoal grill, especially if you’ve never possessed one, it’s a smart thought to consider what you need to use it for.

They’re generally moderate:

The uplifting news for charcoal fans is that, generally, charcoal barbecues won’t use up every last cent. Affordable to buy.

They come in all sizes:

If you need a convenient charcoal flame broil that you may take outdoors or use at the rear end, there are super few choices that may be ideal for you. Then again, you can likewise discover monster, proficient evaluation models that you may use to smoke a couple of racks of ribs.

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There are three primary styles:

A pot charcoal flame broil is an exemplary idea. It is essentially a metal ball on legs, and the charcoal sits in the base. This is the least expensive and most compact choice.

The fired flame broils, most broadly the Huge Green Egg. This is the most flexible variant of a charcoal flame broil, ready to barbecue and smoke just as heat pizzas at 500 °F.

At last, there’s a barrel flame broil. It seems to be like a regular gas grill, adjusted on the top and the base, with a pivoted top. It’s ideal for enormous smoking tasks. Therefore, you can get one of your choices.

They can be easy to clean:

Regardless of what accessories you purchase, you’ll need to manage clean and build up, so anything that makes that cycle somewhat simpler will be welcome. Be particularly careful about little barbecues that you need to flip over to purge out. You may discover you’re using your flame broil as meager as conceivable to evade the cerebral pain.

Using a charcoal grill is simple, and advantageous. With charcoal grills, an unconstrained blast is not worth fretting over.

Things To Consider When Buying a Barbecue Grill With a Smoker


The purpose of the grill is one of the most fundamental elements of consideration when purchasing the best charcoal grill. Your choice can be regarded as best when it perfectly suits your needs. A charcoal grill that suits an individual perfectly well, might be adverse to another since our needs are diverse and unique. Hence, you only shop for the best grill based on your requirements and not references.


While choosing your charcoal grill, it is essential to consider the size of the charcoal grill and the cooking area. Often, the cooking area is influenced by the number of people that you expect to feed. A moderate number could mean that a kettle grill is sufficient, while for a larger number of people, you would need a larger grill.

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Most grills are designed to be strong, durable, and sustainable, regardless of the conditions. This is the reason why you may have noted that some of your friends or family have kept the same grill for decades. A good charcoal grill should remain intact, regardless of the weather conditions or frequency of usage. The quality of your charcoal grill is important because it directly influences durability and longevity. Porcelain-enameled steel is a waterproof component that is often used by grill producers to increase the quality of the charcoal grill.

Though a charcoal grill may not have the complexity and high-tech advancement of a gas model, the best charcoal grills will absolutely compete with a gas grill when it comes to flavor and price. The reality is, charcoal grills are much easier to set up than gas grills, all you actually need is a bag of charcoal and your favorite ingredients you intend to use, in order to achieve a quick tasty meal with a true smoky flavor.

Best Types of Barbecue Grills

Kettle Grills:

Kettle grills are quite small and its shape is typically around 22 inches in diameter, which means you can adequately cook 12 to 15 burgers on it without overcrowding. If you’re just learning to grill with charcoal, that is of course the most food you would want to tackle right away anyway. Although, there are other kettle grills available that are much larger, with 26 inches and the biggest models surpassing 36 inches.

The near-spherical shape of the kettle grill serves to retain and reflect the heat inside so that the food cooks accurately evenly. Also, they are pretty easy to maintain, most especially the ones with removable ash receptacles.

Barrel Grills:

Barrel grills are even much bigger, mostly about 36 inches long with a primary cooking area of 435 square inches, which is big enough to fit perfectly, and are specifically designed for smoking foods, same as grilling and barbecuing. And since it’s bigger than a usual kettle grill, you can either grill, barbecue, or smoke a big amount of food in it. However, note that if you’re just learning to smoke, it is better to start learning with the use of a kettle grill.

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A barrel charcoal grill is a bigger piece of grilling equipment, and it is also a bigger commitment in terms of the cost and space. Just imagine $200 and up for a decent Barrel grill, and if you are looking to grill or smoke a large amount of food, a barrel grill offers a very realistic capacity compare to how much you would pay for the equivalent size of a ceramic grill, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Ceramic Grills:

With the mid-range models starting at about $700, ceramic grills are one of the most expensive types of the charcoal grill, and hence, wouldn’t be something you might consider if you’re just starting. But its solid ceramic construction offers superior heat control, as well as the ability it has, to cook at temperatures from 200 F, quite perfect for barbecuing and smoking, then, all the way up to 500 F and even hotter. A ceramic grill can come in handy if you’re interested in cooking a pizza on the grill.

Ceramic grills are available in numerous sizes, which means that you could cook anywhere conveniently, from four burgers on the smallest model to (based on manufacturer’s specifications) as many as 40 on the biggest grills. Your mileage will vary and most backyard grillers undoubtedly will opt for something in between.

Kindly note that the largest ceramic grill is quite a heavy beast that weighs over 200 pounds.


Even if you have decided to find the best charcoal grill for smoking you can use, over a propane-filled model, I will assure you that you will definitely have dozens of options to choose from when finding the best charcoal grill. From the popular Weber kettle-style to cart-style, feature-filled to a bare minimum.

There are three main types of charcoal grills which include: the ceramic, the kettle, and the barrel grills. All these three are capable of smoking and barbecuing although each one has its main strength.

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