Best Streaming Devices You Can Buy Your Grandparents (Great Gift)

best streaming device for seniors

The best streaming device currently on the market is Roku. Which is a great option for older adults or grandparents who are not tech savvy. However, there are many qualifying factors and depends on which streaming device would be the best option for your grandparents. If you’re someone who loves streaming, you know that all streaming devices are not the same.

Before buying any streaming device for your grandparents, please take a few minutes to review our guide on our recommendations for the best streaming devices for seniors currently on the market.

Although there are many stream devices for sale online, when it comes to buying a streaming device, making the wrong choice can lead to a decline in overall enjoyment. In this guide we’ll be showing you what to look for when choosing the right streaming device for your grandparents. So, why waste your time and money when it comes to buying a cheap device, that will only frustrate you and make you want a refund.

What is streaming?

Streaming works in many ways when it comes to listening to music or watching video. Streaming allows you to pull file details over the internet in ‘real time’,instead of being forced to download the full file.

The concept of streaming is fairly simple; a streamer captures their gameplay, either by recording themselves using a webcam or by recording the game itself. The next step is for the host of the stream to upload the recorded footage onto a website, usually via an automated system that can be found on most video game streaming websites.

At this point, the streamer can then share their live video feed with their friends or viewers. To enjoy a good quality game stream, you need to make sure the website you are watching is high quality and optimized for playing a high-resolution video.

Best Streaming Devices For Seniors

Finding the best streaming device for a senior citizen can make a big difference to them getting connected to the future.

These are some of the best streaming devices you can buy your grandparents:

  1. Amazon Fire TV Cube
  2. Roku Streaming Stick
  3. Apple TV 4K
  4. TiVo Stream 4K

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube isn’t just a great streaming device, it can control your entire entertainment system better than your remotes.

Why We Picked this TV Cube:
It would take a lot to get a Roku device out of our first spot, but the Fire TV Cube has snatched the crown of the streaming device realm. That might come as a surprise, especially since the device was originally announced as little more than the first Fire TV box to have independent Alexa support – no
external Echo speaker needed. However, in reality, it is loaded with powerful technology and features that will allow you to control almost everything in your entertainment center with minimal need for remote control.

Thanks to HDMI CEC and HDMI-ARC compliant ports along with included infrared emitters, you will be able to use voice commands to turn on your TV, switch between apps, and even switch inputs to other connected devices like game consoles, A / V Blu-ray receivers, and players. You can instruct Alexa to
do things like “play Stranger Things,” and the Cube will turn on the television and sound system and immediately launch the show on Netflix, all without a remote control.

Amazon also promised to continually update Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities and adjust the assistant to meet user needs, meaning that simple and even vague speech can be recognized as more people use it. The Cube’s nature as a home theater control center may be its biggest selling
point, but it’s also an excellent transmitter. It is capable of 4K and HDR playback and comes with an Ethernet adapter for the most reliable data connection possible, something that is lacking on other Fire TV devices

2. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick  reviews

Why should you buy this? It’s the best streaming device on the market and
it’s affordable to boot.

Why we picked the Roku Streaming Stick +:
The Streaming Stick + offers one of the best feature-to-price ratios among streaming devices out there. You’ll be able to experience 4K HDR videos and Dolby Atmos Audio through this little device that looks like a USB stick and is easily hidden behind your TV.

The understated design extends beyond your physical profile. With powerful 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless support, you can set it up anywhere within your home’s Wi-Fi range, without the need for Ethernet. The only real requirement with the Streaming Stick + is a TV with an HDMI port. If your TV also has an available USB port, setup is even easier – that port can be used to power the transmitter.

One of our favorite things about Streaming Stick + is a feature shared by all Roku devices: an amazing user interface. Roku OS uses an app-independent approach, which makes finding the best place to see what you want easier than with almost any other device on the market. Despite the lack of Dolby
Vision support found in newer devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, we still prefer voice search and Roku’s easy-to-use interface. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the best streaming device on the market.

3. Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Why should you buy this? Apple TV 4K offers a seamless TV experience on all your Apple devices.

Why we picked the Apple TV 4K:
With a cool feature set that seems to grow every year, it’s a good choice for Apple devotees, and a solid (albeit pricey) competitor to high-end offerings from Roku, Amazon, and Google.

The Apple TV 4K has a few tricks up its sleeve, starting with its super-fast A10X Fusion processor. Put it this way: the only thing that will slow down this box in terms of speed will be your Internet connection. There’s also a cool option that allows users to copy login information directly to Apple TV from Apple iPhones, iPads, and laptops, dramatically reducing the amount of time spent entering passwords.

Also, if you have a 3rd or 4th generation Apple TV, it will automatically sync your old tvOS layout to simplify life. If you’ve ever bought iTunes movies or TV shows, they’re all available, and Apple will even upgrade to 4K HDR versions for free, when available in this format.

The most recent major software update for the streamer added Apple Arcade, which turns the little black box into a capable casual gaming rig that works with Sony and Xbox Bluetooth wireless game controllers. You can use Siri to search for content from any of the streaming services to give statements like “Show me 4K movies on Netflix” instead of resorting to awkward jargon. And while Apple’s app library isn’t as diverse as Roku’s, you can access all the specialties like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and most recently Amazon Prime Video.

4. TiVo Stream 4K

TiVo Stream 4K

The TiVo Stream 4K offers a HDR in Dolby Vision and HDR10, you have the support you need to watch and listen to the newest formats, although be careful: it is very picky about the HDMI cables you are using, and it could prevent you from seeing Dolby Vision if their cables are not rated for
ultra-high-speed connections. Is the high price of the Apple TV 4K worth it? We’re fenced off, but if you’re one of those “all-Apple-all” guys, this is the streaming device for you at a much cheaper price.

Things To Consider When Buying a Streaming Device For You Grandparents

best streaming device for older people

Here are just a few things to think about before purchasing your streaming device for your grandparents:


System media players enable you to stream media from different gadgets without having to physically move those gadgets around or change links once the underlying setup process has occurred. What’s more, most system media players bolster a wide scope of various document types. This is perfect for individuals who have their media put away crosswise over numerous gadgets of various sorts, (for example, PCs, recreations consoles and tablets) as the media player is typically ready to treat these gadgets similarly. 

Different Users 

Some system media players take into account separate client records to be set up on the gadget. This upgrades security, as various clients can be given various benefits. For instance, a media player could be designed with the goal that solitary the gadget’s proprietor could erase information from it. What’s more, client regions give a type of parental control, as youngsters can be given consents that don’t enable them to watch R-evaluated films or tune in to unequivocal tunes. 


The option in contrast to a system media player is set up a devoted PC or game comfort to deal with system spilling needs. Despite the fact that this would almost certainly work with the right arrangement, it would not be a savvy arrangement as system media players are commonly more affordable than either PCs or consoles. What’s more, the downloaded substance played by system media players is frequently less expensive to purchase than a proportionate DVD, CD or Blu-beam, as downloads don’t bring about any delivery or capacity costs. 


In spite of the fact that organize media players don’t improve documents themselves, when joined with a top notch TV or sound system, they do take into account records to be played back in the most ideal quality. This is on the grounds that TVs and sound systems are custom worked to play video and sound media, separately, and thusly are typically ready to create preferred quality outcomes over inherent PC speakers or showcases. Enormous screen playback can likewise make it progressively agreeable for some individuals to watch without a moment’s delay, which may not be the situation with a PC show. 

Why People Are Switching To Streaming?

best streaming services for older people

Streaming media devices are one of the newest ways consumers are now getting rid of cable.  Streaming video or sound  over the Internet and played quickly, as opposed to being forced to invest in a hard drive for entertainment. A person  does not need to wait  to download a document to play it. Since the Media streaming device  is able to ceaseless stream of information it can play as it arrives. 

There are numerous focal points to using a streaming dongle  over generally downloaded media. No  hard drive stockpiling. Media Streaming is greatly improved ensured against paying high prices for cable tv . Sound and visual nature of the media is enormously improved when streaming media, if you have a decent web speed. It makes the process simple for media  to be shared, heard or observed everywhere throughout the world. 

Rundown of reasons people are ditching cable and getting streaming sticks: 

  • No need to for an additional capacity gadget. Media is accessible in a flash given you have a decent Internet data transmission. 
  • Media Movies, recreations and TV choice is unfathomable! It very well may overpower. 
  • Watch projects and motion pictures on your timetable. Most writing computer programs is accessible whenever of the day. 
  • No need to program your DVR to record your preferred show. The entire season is accessible whenever of day after scenes are discharged. 
  • One admonition on the off chance that you are curious about spilling TV appears there is another pattern called “Bing Watching” where somebody sits and observes all the 12 scenes in a single sitting. This could be fun on a stormy day yet in the event that you like your TV shows to last for a spell it takes a little discretion to moderate the pace and watch them over various weeks. 


Finding the best streaming device for seniors is s great entertainment option for birthdays. Christmas & Grandparents day. They  enable you to sort out and get to your very own media library utilizing a similar interface. You can watch home videos, listen to to music and view photographs from a good PC, cell phone, eReader or another gadget. By inserting them   into your TV’s HDMI port, drawing power either from the TV’s USB port or from an AC divider outlet. 

these multi-useful media gadgets for video sharing from YouTube, music from Pandora and Spotify or sharing photographs from your family get-away by means of Flickr and Facebook on your HD TV.

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