5 of The Best Surround Sound System For High Ceilings

best surround system for high ceiling

Having the right surround sound system for a high ceiling can be done. Surround sound is an audio technology that allows for multiple channels of sound, which, in turn, allows for sound to surround a listener, depending on how the channels are placed around the listener. The most common application of surround sound is 5.1 audio systems, which comprises five speakers and a subwoofer. More immersive surround sound setups include 7.1 audio systems and 7.2 audio systems for something more exotic with two subwoofers.

The biggest deterrent to surround sound is the difficulty in setting up so many speakers in spaces that may not accommodate them. To solve this, users can simply purchase a headset that offers surround sound technology.

A soundbar is not a mere speaker. What’s more, these pieces are made up of several of them. It’s about getting a fine and powerful sound. So the bass cannot come from the same place as the higher tones. Each frequency has its own source. Therefore it is important to know the number of speakers that the part contains. It is not the same to have two, three, or six. 

Something singular happens with the bass. There are manufacturers who choose to pack everything in one bar. However, some people put the speakers responsible for these sounds in a separate device, called a ‘subwoofer’. This option usually offers better results. 

You also have to be attentive to the type of sound, depending on the use you are going to give it. If you’re a die-hard movie buff who wants full playback, you’d better go for a 5.1 channel speaker. If you want it for the basics and listen to some music, with a 2.1 or a 3.1 you are going to blame.

Best Surround Sound System For High Ceilings

Top choices for all the best surround sound system for high ceilings:

1. New Xiaomi Bar Mi TV

New Xiaomi Bar Mi TV

 Unveiled a week ago, Xiaomi’s new soundbar costs only 50 euros. You are thinking of complementing televisions under 50 inches. It has a total of 8 speakers. It has an optical connector, 3.5 mm jack, RCA as well as a Bluetooth connection. A sound card that allows you to connect to almost any capable device. Its big mole: it does not have an HDMI connection. It will arrive in the coming weeks in stores like Gearbest. 

2.Panasonic SC-HTB8EG-K

 One of the most affordable but more solvent options that we can find in the market. All manufacturers are not Xiaomi so they cannot offer everything at a bargain price. In this case, for 94 euros we have two speakers, of about 40 watts of power. It is not a remedy, but if you have a small room it will solve the ballot perfectly. It has 2.0 sound and only has an optical connector to connect it to the television. It allows the ‘streaming’ of music through Bluetooth.

3.Bose Solo 5

Bose Solo 5

 As we said before, you don’t always have all the space in the world. There are some bars that are almost a meter long. In this case, space is reduced to half, 54 centimeters. It also has two unique speakers but it realizes the good work of the brand in compact devices. It has real 2.0 sound, although it offers 5.1 quality digitally. In this case, it does not have HDMI either, but you have an optical connection, AUX as well as the possibility of pairing devices via Bluetooth. It incorporates a universal remote to control the television and soundbar with a single control.

4. Logitech Z506 5.1

Another Logitech strikes back, this time bringing no longer stereo but 5.1 surrounds. Surround sound offers a sound experience that many people find preferred for movies, series, or music. This kit has five pieces of headphones and a subwoofer box consisting of a bass port and bottom output.

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What is it offering:

  • Sound type: 5.1 surround
  • Dimensions: large format
  • Power: 75W RMS
  • Frequency range: 33Hz-20kHz
  • Drivers: 10 and a subwoofer
  • Connector: 3.5mm Jack

5.Creative Labs GigaWorks T40 Series II

Creative is a brand to which we are not unknown. Some speakers’ small format and high quality are not common, but this time we must say that you meet here before an exception. They feature a total of six drivers divided into two mid and treble sections. Bass enthusiasts will notice the absence of a subwoofer, although this does not mean that the lower tones do not have great clarity. Simply if your thing is to notice how the ground vibrates, this is not the case.

What is it offering:

  • Sound type: 2.0 stereo
  • Dimensions: small format
  • Power: 16W RMS
  • Frequency range: 50Hz-20kHz
  • Drivers: 6
  • Connector: 3.5mm Jack

Things To Consider When Buying a Surround System For High Ceilings

reviews for wireless speakers for high ceilings

It is logical that Smart TVs do not have a scandalous sound quality: the stylized design of the most cutting-edge models makes this section be sacrificed. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple, as long as we know how to choose a soundbar. Do you have a few ideas in mind? Well, before making the corresponding purchase, do not miss the following guides:

Tips for buying the best sound system for high ceilings:


Although it is an important aspect, it is not as important as the quality of the speakers. There are many soundbars that promise big numbers in the power section, but that slip on the highs or lows. That is, do not get obsessed with this and go on a big horse, you may find yourself with a somewhat unbalanced sound. 

In order not to be surprised, we must look at the RMS watts, which often differ from the standard watts. If your living room is a normal, medium-sized room, you should opt for a 150 RMS speaker. If it is broader, go to one of 200. But we insist, it is more important to look at other aspects.

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Calculate the space you have, where you intend to place it, and where you have your television. If you have it hanging on the wall, the ideal would be for it to also be hung, but maybe that pretty bar you’re looking at doesn’t have this option. 

In most things, the most common is to have it just below our television or on top, if the type of furniture or the base does not allow the use of the lower edge. The fundamental thing is that it is oriented in the same way as the screen, towards our viewing area. The ideal, although not always possible, is that it is more or less at the level of our ears.


Connectivity is an essential section. The more connections it has, the more compatible it will ensure and even reuse it on other computers in the future. We can find connections via HDMI, optical cable, or an AUX connection such as the jack connector. That HDMI is recommended, it is not the general rule, but the truth is that it is increasingly common to find ourselves mainly with the optical input. From there, everything that comes in is added.

Also, take into account wireless connections. There are options via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC. It can be interesting to connect the mobile at certain times, but they are less recommended when using them with the television than physical connections.


Using a quality surround sound system is critical when you have high ceilings. Always remember that you get what you pay and buying a cheap surround sound speakers might not be beneficial. After reading this short guide you should now have an ideal of which speaker system would work best for your high ceilings.

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