Full Guide For Buying The Best Water Purifier For Preppers

best water filter for prepper

If  you are a survivalists prepper looking wanting to find the best water filtration systems you can use outdoors, we can help. Having high quality water can be challenging to find if you are stranded or lost in the woods, unless there is a sign that specially states that water is pure and safe to drink, you should take some precautions and treat it.

This is why portable filters of water are probably the safest and simplest method to treat water for drinking. There’re several options in the water filters. The least costly might cost less than 20 USD, while more costly filters can cost tons of dollars. For the average consumer, it is possible to find an incredibly functional water filter for less than one hundred USD.

You’d expect water from different spaces to have its individual unique taste, but the procedure of filtering the water does not make it taste funny. Water filters work by gripping the microscopic life that lies in a lack of fresh and clear water. The outcome of drinking low-quality water can be the server. Water that tastes good can contain germs, parasites, bacteria as well as protozoa that can cause diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite and vomiting.

Luckily, we’ll be discussing our recommendation for all the best water purifier for outdoor preppers

best water purifier for preppers

These our some of our top recommendations when it comes to water purifier for preppers:


What Can Happen if You Drink Dirty Water While in The Wilderness?

A few of the issues spread via contaminated water flow are botulism, dysentery, and cholera. Parasitic issues from contaminated water can cause the development of muscle aches, coughs, rashes, jaundice, neurological symptoms and malnutrition.
\While most illnesses from taking water contaminated water reason discomfort for some days or even weeks, others can be deadly.

Why Water Purifier Are Important?

So, why water purifier is important? There are so many reasons you need to know. Our body needs water to function but we cannot take just any type of water because we never know what things in it. This is why we need a filter to make anything drinkable and safer in the first place.

  • Improve Smell of Water: In general, a water purifier will allow you to get better tasking and better smelling water to drink.
  • Removes Harmful Bacteria:All chemicals, heavy metals, and chlorines along with other bacterial contaminants are removed due to the filtering process.
    Especially for drinking, the water filtration process will provide chemical-free water without letting the harmful substance get into your body. Bottled water might be another alternative. However, it costs more expensive compared to using a water purifier.
  • Eco Friendly:On the other hand, a water purifier will allow you to support the environment by not using plastics over and over. According to research, a water filter can prevent several types of cancers such as bladder cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.

Benefits of using a Water Filter For Survivalists?

When you are wading in a very cool mountain stream, and you can spot your toes in the sand, you assume the water’s safe to consume. But even water that seems ideally clear and clear might be harbor a range of germs and bacteria, protozoa and parasites that can make you extremely ill.
You cannot tell from smelling or drinking a small taste whether water is completely safe to drink or not. Even water from spigots on campgrounds might not be.

Here are some key benefits of filtering your water when your a Survivalists: 


anti-oxidants are very useful and plenty needed for our human our bodies. Filtered water helps you in this too. There is a scale referred to as oxidation reduction potential (orp). Absolutely placed, the decrease some thing score in this scale the higher it’s far. And wager what filters decrease the orp stage of waters.

Better For Environment:

in case you are using plastic water bottles as a source of drinkable water, then you are playing a function in environmental pollutants. It does no longer count whether or not or no longer you’re recycling bottles or now not. Plastic bottle production is a matter of environment pollution. So, be pleasant in the direction of the surroundings and drink filtered water.

Reduces Acid Reflux:

ph stage of water can play a position in acidity. Ingesting water need to have a ph level of round 7. But the ph level of faucet waters varies from area to region. In some regions, the ph degrees of 8. 8 were discovered. Filters have the capability to lessen this ph level. So, there is going down the threat of getting water-associated acidity.

Nicer Skin:

We realize how precious healthy skin is, Occasionally water by myself modifications the complete circumstance of our skin. If you care approximately your pores and skin even a chunk, then you will reduce the amount of faucet water utility in your pores and skin.

Higher Hydration Degree:

hydration way the method of inflicting something to soak up water. You would possibly have a question to your mind. What does it ought to do with filtered water? A 2010 study has proved that filtered water has a high degree of hydration. Although it seems extraordinary, it’s far proper. Filtered water helps you to absorb water more quick.


More than anything, you should understand that lake or pond water without any filtration still contains tons of harmful substances. It is important to remove the harmful stuff with the filter. And this is why water purifier is important when your survivalists.

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