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27 Best Gifts For Practical Dads With No Hobbies

best dad gifts for a father who wants nothing

Thinking of gift ideas isn’t any fun for anyone. Especially when your shopping for gifts for a dad with no actual hobbies or request. Everybody knows gifts for your girlfriend, sister, or brother are never that hard, but getting something for deal old dad is always a headache. However there is a chance that some of our suggestions may help.

Yup, we’re talking about buying a gift for dads with no hobbies and super practical. Does he want a stylish new tie? Nope, you recognize he’ll ne’er wear it. however concerning another flask? OH that’s right, he features a drawer filled with them. And don’t even consider shopping for him another combine of boring socks. the foremost distinctive gifts for dads square measure sometimes customized or may be thought-about thoughtful, thus even the father that has everything and needs nothing are affected.

Finding birthday gifts for your loving father can be a heavy struggle, however fortunately, we tend to place within the labor, exploring through endless gifts for father on Amazon and alternative high retailers, to search out the highest gift ideas your father can truly use and appreciate. Whether your father may be a gamer, fitness junkie, spirits lover, or a school wonk, we tend to got you coated. From high-quality speakers and alternative cool school gifts, to high athletic gear that’ll facilitate him get work and keep healthy, here square measure seventy sensible and funky gift ideas for father that he’ll be glad.

These are our recommendations fot the best gifts for a dad with hobbies you can get:


This is, without a doubt, one of the star gifts on this list. The Apple Watch will delight any health-conscious parent. A model with a black sports strap has been chosen because it is a neutral color, which combines with any sport or casual outfit, It will be the ideal gadget while playing sports.

With the Apple Watch you can close your rings of Movement (the Apple Watch records how many calories you burn in your day to day); Exercise (shows the minutes of vigorous activity you have completed); and Standing (remember the minutes you have been sitting so that you are aware of your sedentary lifestyle).

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It is waterproof, records your workouts in any of the sports you practice, and measures your heart rate. And in addition, of course, you can also receive a call, ask Siri to send a message,or listen to streaming music. Without a doubt, a super gift. Although you have to pay it, and it is not exactly cheap.


In addition, the Nanami wireless charger is being one of the best sellers for its benefits, it is a great gift for geek parents who want to get their hands on the latest gadgets that have hit the market. If a parent around you fits this description, don’t miss the opportunity to gift him this gadget that will make his life easier and forget about cumbersome cables.

It is 1.4 times faster than a traditional charger and its unique design allows mobility, being able to charge the phone both horizontally and vertically. You can even enjoy a movie while charging, as its stand shape keeps the screen visible at all times. To know the charging status, Nanami has incorporated an intelligent LED indicator that changes color: blue for standby mode and green when it is charging the battery.

Also, the light blinks if the phone is misaligned. It is available in black and white to match the rest of the furniture. The only requirement before purchasing it is to check if the smartphone is compatible with the Nanami charging base since not all models work.


Many parents are subjected to great strains caused by work and stress, which,are reflected in muscle pain in the neck or back and can even cause headaches or annoying contractures. With the Naipo cervical massager, those tensions will be relieved.

It is a massager that stands out above the rest for its ergonomic T-shaped design, which adapts to the neck and performs a massage through rollers that rotate in two directions. It’s a pleasure just thinking about it!

But this is not all. In addition to providing gentle friction to loosen the muscles, the device gives off a pleasant heat with which the muscles and ligaments relax and lose that tension accumulated throughout the day.

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Without a doubt, there are fathers (and, of course, mothers) who are true superheroes, capable of bringing out the best in themselves every day. How about a simple detail so that dad will remember how much his children love him?

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get dads to wake up each morning with a broad smile, the personalized Mugffins mug makes it easy for you. Made of high-quality ceramic, both the drawing and the accompanying slogan – “A super dad drinks here” – will not spoil with use.The 350 ml mug is suitable for both microwave heating and dishwasher


The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 activity tracker is a very practical gadget for dad to measure his daily physical activity. More and more parents who, at a certain age, take care of their health with this type of article. It is not trivial, considering that with the simple gesture of raising your wrist you can: see the time, measure your heart rate, measure your steps, monitor your speed, or receive an inactivity alert when you spend too much time

In addition, this activity bracelet is resistant to the dreaded scratches and water. What more could you want? If your father or husband is preoccupied or determined to exercise, this is their gift.

6. Bose Companion 2 Series III

With the Bose Series III loudspeakers we are upgrading, and we are not saying it just because of the price. The quality of the sound becomes very crystalline, but lovers of bass boxes may throw less resonance. However, comparing them with the Logitech Z533, their frequency range is wider, so it is up to the user if they prefer intensity or depth of sound.

7. eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam

The eufy wi-fi surveillance camera has a simple but very functional design, ideal for monitoring interior spaces. You only need to connect it to the Ethernet, download the application, connect it to your wifi and that’s it.

In a few minutes, you can start viewing the images from your mobile phone. Its forward, reverse, and rotation capabilities make this camera capture images of the entire environment, to ensure greater surveillance. In addition, its night vision system reaches 10 meters away. So you can keep monitoring 24 hours a day. It has a motion detector with a built-in siren that is a deterrent in emergency cases.

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8. Pellet Smoker Grill

Pellet smokers are great gifts for dads and they’re the key to achieving the smoky, wood-burning flavor that pit bosses are known for and the right pellet smoker will come with a few key features to make grilling and smoking easy and fun. The control of the temperature and the feeding of the pellets is first class. Constant temperature is key to slow smoking and this beast has the characteristics to let the water from its mouth drip
off the ribs from the bones.

9. Roku Ultra streaming device

The Roku Ultra brings with it a number of incredible features. Like any high-end streamer, it supports 4K, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10 audio (Dolby Vision and HDR10 + are currently not supported), but that’s just the beginning. Like the Fire TV Cube, the Ultra has an Ethernet port to help improve connection speeds and even adds a MicroSD card slot to store even more apps or work as a source for images and videos. It also has a USB port, so you can view content from any compatible device.

birthday gift ideas for dads with no hobbies


Fathers, brothers, grandpa’s, uncles … there are many gifts to give and very little time. For that reason, and although you are surely also interested in other of our selections such as those of invisible friends, we have prepared a list of the best ideas to give to dad on Christmas or father’s day.
Gifts vary over time and although the classics – ties, perfumes, watches – continue to be indisputable, other presents are beginning to gain a foothold in the market.

Many fathers often times request simple gifts, but for the ones with no hobbies or interest to have anything for their special day. We have you covered. Even though dad is tough to buy for, there is always something to give your father even if he is too picky.

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