How To Easily Clean a Juicer in 6 Simple Steps

how to clean a juicer

Whenever you use your juicer, make sure to clean the machine thoroughly. You may found mineral deposits or a layer of dried juice spots on your machine screen.

The dried juice particles may be difficult to clean with the simple rinse of water, but it is important to clean them thoroughly. These dried particles can be the reason for bacteria growth. Moreover, these particles can cause fine holes in the juicing screen that can be the reason of screen breakdown. Here are some tips to clean up your juicer after every use.   

  1. Startup with a clean surface:
    Before you start cleaning, it is better to place a paper towel under the juicer machine. It will help to prevent any scrapings from getting to your table or kitchen surface.
  2. Wash Immediately:
    After juicing, you should wash your juicer machine immediately. You need a soft cloth, water, and any detergent. Most juicing machines are safe to wash. First of all, separate the parts of the machine and remove the wet pulp from the container. Then wash the machine parts with detergent and clean water thoroughly.
  3. Soak Your Filter:
    For complete cleaning, you need to soak your filter basket in warm water for about 5-10 minutes. This will help to open the blockage pores and eliminate the dried pulp. After soaking clean it using a soft cloth or cleaning brush and rinse the filter under clean water.
  4. Wipe down the machine:
    While soaking the filter in warm soapy water, you can wipe down the other parts with a damp soft cloth. Make sure to clean the entire machine and don’t miss any part.
  5. Let it Dry:
    When you finished all the cleaning, you should wipe all the machine parts with a dry hand towel and place them on a rack to dry.
  6. Reassemble the Parts:
    Once all parts are dried, you can fix them back together. Now your machine is ready for fresh juicing.

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