3 Secret Tricks For Cleaning Your Mirror (The Easy Way)

how to clean a mirror

Keeping your household mirrors clean, is a common inquiry when it comes to cleaning things around the house. The good news is you needn’t bother with an extravagant cleaner.Luckily, you can use essentially household solutions and water!

Mirrors are an incredible enlivening tool since they bring light and profundity to any place you place them. They likewise add a specific tastefulness and excellence to the room. Be that as it may, the developed buildup will make cloudy mirrors, which will keep your mirrors from upgrading your space

Are you facing a cloudy and grimy mirror right now? Here is a simple guide on how to get it squeaky clean and crystal clear in a jiffy.

How To Clean a Mirror with Rubbing Alcohol

  • First, get rubbing alcohol and apply it on the mirror with a cotton pad to pretreat it.
  • Thoroughly moisten the hardened globs and specks of dirt that got stuck on it and let it rest for a bit to soften.
  • After a minute or so, scrub away and get all the dirt out of the surface.
  • Doing this will make the job go faster because you can avoid cleaning up after dirty streaks when you pretreat with rubbing alcohol.
  • Next, apply cleaning solution on a clean cloth or rag (preferably made of microfiber) and pay special attention to the visible dirt and marks still on the mirror.

How To Clean a Mirror using Vinegar

For a simple clean of a mirror, using vinegar is a great choice. Diluted vinegar is readily available, cheap, and easy to DIY into a simple cleaning solution. Just mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of clean water, apply it on a rag, and you are ready to wipe down all the mirrors (and other surfaces) in the house. 

These are the steps how to clean a mirror with vinegar:

  1. Avoid spraying the solution directly to the mirror though, as the liquid might get into the gaps and corners of the frame.
  2. To make the whole process easier, use a microfiber cloth in wiping your mirror. Fold it multiple times so you can use the reverse or a clean side for do-overs.
  3. Avoid using paper towels and newspapers as these will leave dust-like fibers on the surface.
  4. Microfiber cloth is ideal for mirrors and other reflective surfaces because it is soft and non-abrasive, doesn’t leave a lint-like residue, very absorbent, reusable, and very easy to wash and dry.
  5. In wiping, a zigzagging direction is recommended. Start from the top, from one side to the other side; slide down in a slant until you get to the bottom. Don’t forget the frame too. Wipe it down with a solution suitable for the type of material.
  6. A vinegar solution is not suitable for frames made of iron and some metals, natural stone, and finished wood. Once done, inspect your work and bask in your reflection.

How do you clean a cloudy mirror?

Here are straightforward procedures to use when you need something somewhat more grounded than your typical cleaner to make your mirror look new.

  1. Most mirror cleaners have a limited quantity of vinegar in them.
  2. At the point when you are cleaning a cloudy mirror, using a vinegar and water blend will give you an all the more remarkable answer to work with.
  3. First, One cup of distilled vinegar should be poured into a clean & empty spray bottle using funnel. Also, one cup of water should be added into the spray bottle pour utilizing a funnel.
  4. You can use tap water. Both will work effectively. Moreover, the spray nozzle should tight and tenderly shake the spray bottle to mix the solution together.
  5. Further, a small quantity of the solution should be sprayed on your mirror.
  6. Then, a microfiber cloth should be used to rub-down the entire surface of the mirror. Meanwhile, this can be repeated as if you wish.
  7. However, a microfiber material won’t leave build-up on your mirror, make effort to clean your mirror.

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