4 Easy Ways To Clean Your Pillows & Keep It Fluffy!

There are many ways to wash our clothes, curtains, and beddings. We can either do it using a washing machine or do it manually using our hands. Washing of pillows from among our laundry items requires care and delicate washing.

When we buy pillows, there are instructions on how to handle their washing and drying procedures. Regular pillows that we normally buy may not require much delicate handling, yet the more expensive ones are more particular on its proper washing guides. Materials of the pillow from the cloth to the foam and even its design are some of the basic factors that have to be considered on how to wash a pillow effectively and with utmost care.

Drying is also one important process in taking care of pillows. Some materials cannot be dried in direct sunlight and some cannot simply be hanged using laundry clips as it may damage the design or the pillow cloth. The specifications of the pillows that we buy depend on our choice and one way of taking good care of them are to stick on its washing and care instructions.

How To Wash Pillows In Washing Machine

One important factor in how to wash a pillow effectively is the proper use of the washing machine in both the washing and drying process. Some pillows require gentle wash with warm water and using mild detergents for delicate materials. Some pillows can be washed on a regular spin using plain water with regular detergent.

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How to Clean a Pillow with Vinegar

Adding pillows in your comfort zone is a stylish and easy way to make your home feel comfortable and warm. However, over time the pillows become dirty from the dust, dead skin cells, and natural oils on our bodies. Therefore cleaning your pillows is very important. A pillow cleaning is very simple, you can clean your pillows through machine washing and hand washing. 

  1. First of all, remove the cover of your pillow. Make a baking soda and water paste, dip a clean towel into a paste, and clean the deep stains from the pillows by dabbing the towel on the surface. You can also use a stain removal spray to clean deep spots.
  2. Now make a cleaning solution of baking soda, detergent, vinegar, and dishwasher liquid. Mix all the ingredients in machine water and put the machine safe pillows into the washing machine. You can also add bleach, but sometimes bleach can damage the fiber and harden stains instead of cleaning them. 
  3. Switch on the machine and wash the pillow with a cleaning mixture. After the first cycle adds some hot water into the machine and washes pillows with hot water just to remove the baking soda and detergent. 
  4. After that, rinse the pillow with clean water and place them on the air dryer on a low heat setting

How to make Pillows cleaning mixture?

  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • ¾ cup washing soda
  • 1 cup dishwasher liquid
  • 3-tablespoons of detergent

Mix well all the ingredients. You can use this mixture both for hand and machine washing. 

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Before start cleaning your pillows you should know the care labels. Most synthetic material pillows are safe for machine wash, but some are spot-clean only. Checking the care labels will avoid you from destroying your favorite pillow. You just need to follow some steps to remove dust, dead skin, oils, and sweat to get your pillows clean and fresh. 

Drying a pillow is another concern that should be handled well. Maintaining a fluffy pillow is an important part of its drying process. Fabric softener can be used to maintain the material’s softness.

Upon drying, check on it and toss the pillows once in a while making sure that the whole filling is dry. It will also help to fluff the pillows by putting two tennis balls which you can place inside a sock or wrap it tightly in a cloth. These tennis balls tossed with the pillows inside the dryer will help to make them fluffy and lessen clumping. Pillows are essential factors for a good sleep and taking care of them is a guarantee of using clean, soft, and fluffy pillows. Investing in good pillows is important and caring for them is definitely necessary.

How To Clean Feather Pillows

How To Clean Feather Pillows

Cleaning a feather pillow is actually rather simple. Before actually washing it, inspect it carefully for any rips at the seam or tears as even a small one might cause most of the feathers to get all over your washing machine.
After that, put your feather pillows into the washing machine with a little bit of detergent and start a gentle cycle with cold water: 15 minutes should suffice, as washing them for too long can make the feathers crumple and become soggy and damaged.

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Once it is washed, let it dry in the sunlight, or if you have a dryer, fluff the pillows while wet and put them in the dryer at medium heat!

Things To Consider When Cleaning a Pillow

When buying a pillow make sure to know the quality of materials of the pillow and follow the instructions on how to properly wash and care for it. Some pillows require that fillings should be removed and be washed separately with the pillow cover. Some pillows can be washed as a whole and do not require any particular instructions on how to wash them.

When washing a pillow made from delicate materials it is important to choose a detergent and a fabric conditioner that are both mild and gentle on fine fabric. For pillows that are being hand-washed, a mild detergent or a bath soap can be used and are simply hanged to dry. Some pillows do not require regular wash. For some, they are being cleaned using a steamer to avoid damaging the quality of the pillow material and its design caused by frequent washing.


Pillows are much more comfortable, and higher quality, than polyester or foam pillows. However, a lot of people shy away from buying one mainly because they are not sure how to care for them and specially, how to clean them.Hopefully, this guide showed you the many ways you can keep your pillows clean.

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