7 Steps For Easily Cleaning a Really Messy Bedroom (Fast)

How to clean a really messy room

Sometimes we can become complacent in cleaning our rooms, perhaps because we procrastinate, or work life gets in the way. Although cleaning a dirty room can be a daunting task, the feeling of relief afterwards is worth it, plus who does not love a clean room?

Here are a few tips on our step-by-step on cleaning a messy room as quick and easy a process as possible.

1. Clean your room in sections:

Taking on a whole room in one go can be very intimidating and we do not want you to give up away! The best way to start, is to tackle your room section by section. Imagine your room as sections or separate tasks that you think you can tidy within a reasonable time frame. This could mean clearing out a particular cupboard, table or shelf. Avoid getting distracted by finding things you thought you had lost. Remove the items from the area and make sure to also do a quick dusting or sweeping to make sure it is clean before putting items back.

2. Remove items that do not belong in the room:

As you are tidying each section of your dirty room, the first thing you should do is remove anything that does not belong in the room. Get a box or a laundry basket to pop in anything that belongs in a different room. This could include things that belong in the kitchen, bathroom or anything that may not actually belong to you. It might be time to give your friend their sweater back.

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3. Sort items into piles:

After you have gotten rid of everything that does not belong in your room, it is time to sort out the things that do. Put your items into piles, grouping them into what they area. This may be clothes, shoes, books, technology related products and so on. Once you have done that, you can easily sort those smaller piles. From here you need to sort those smaller piles into 3 more piles.

  • What to keep.
  • What to donate.
  • What to throw out.

It can be tempting to hoard items that you believe hold sentimental value. If it is not something from your childhood or a special event that you feel will have value, it may be time to throw it out. If you cannot mend clothes with holes or a broken zipper, get rid of it! If the item no longer works and you cannot fix it, it is time to throw it out. This will ensure that you will no longer have clutter just lying around.

4. Vacuuming Your Room Efficiently:

Work starting from the top, assuming there is any chance of this happening. You would prefer not to vacuum and afterward get pieces everywhere on the floor or residue the lower part of something and thump more residue down when you stir your way up onto the beforehand uncleaned zones. If you don’t have a lot of time, start with the messiness first and work your approach to more simple things beginning there. 

5. Wipe Down Dresser & Mirror Set:

Wipe mirrors and glass by going through your room and wipe down the hard surfaces Use one moist microfiber fabric, trailed by one dry material, in cleaning off all the mirrors and glass surfaces.Also, using a polisher spray on the surface of the drawer and begin to wipe down. Lastly, Sanitize the drawers using Lysol or some type of disinfectant.

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6. Making Bed and Dusting Furniture:

Go through your bedroom and make up your bed and begin to straighten your furniture. Be sure to dust the top of your bed rails and furniture surfaces with a duster to ensure cleanliness.

7. Keeping your room tidy in future:

You have finally made it! Once everything has been put away in their designated area you can rest easy, but now you have to make sure it does not become messy again. At the end of each night before you go to sleep, do a quick scan of the room and put anything away that is not in its allocated storage area. This will help you keep your room clean consistently, rather than letting it slip back into its dirty state.

  • Extra Tips: If it has been a really long time since the last clean out, it may be worth sugar soaping your walls. Sugar soap is a chemical that cleans walls, often before a paint job, however it can also refresh old looking paint.


Things that ought to be cleaned in a really messy room consistently appear to be a genuinely plain as day task; however, when you plunk down to consider everything, you may understand that you have a ton of other things you are dealing with and may get sidetracked.

When you start cleaning your room, you won’t want to stop until it’s complete. Following our side instructions for cleaning your bedroom should save you time and make it easier. However, being honest with yourself about what you can do, how well you follow the instructions will also play a factor in how fast you can clean your messy bedroom.

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