Experts’ Guide to Deep Clean a Refrigerator From Top To Bottom

best way to  Clean up The Refrigerator

Refrigerators and freezers tend to be indispensable within the kitchen. Keeping this clean as well as sanitized is essential, not simply for health reasons but additionally in order that it will function correctly and for that reason last longer.

The external surface could be cleaned using a soft fabric and comfortable soapy drinking water. To clean the inside of the applying we recommend using tepid to warm water with cooking soda or even vinegar. Don’t use cleansing materials that could release dangerous substances or even odours about the food.

We additionally advise that you simply use the soft cloth about the interior. Always make sure that you rinse the inside of the actual refrigerator as well as the freezer.

It is necessary that you definitely clean the appliance a minimum of twice annually. This may prevent mold and uncomfortable odors through forming. The freezer should be defrosted regularly to cease the buildup of ice.

How to Clean a Refrigerator With Vinegar

Best steps to take when cleaning a fridge with vinegar:

  1. Empty the fridge out entirely, through any old or rotten foods. Keep food in good condition in the thermal bag until cleaning to be completed.
  2. Take out there all easily-removed parts and also disassemble the particular shelves and also accessories so that you can reach almost all corners. Wash almost all removable elements with soapy water and wash the inner surfaces together with water and also baking soda or water and vinegar.
  3. To assure water isn’t going to spill onto the floor, place some sort of towel in the bottom of this fridge so that it absorbs these drops.
  4. Dried and reassembled each washed area.
  5. With regards to your door seal, ensure they can be dry and after that lubricate which includes a few droplets of oil to prevent them from getting comfortable.

How to clean freezer

Follow these instructions for cleaning your freezer:

  • Empty all the freezer apart completely making all food within the thermal bag in order that it does not likely defrost.
  • Leave the doorway open for a few minutes to allow the cool to liquefy.
  • Defrost the freezer by removing the largest blocks of ice by having a special plastic shovel. Do not use razor blade or steel tools, simply because they may damage the freezer cooler lining.
  • Fill a fabulous spray container with hot water and white vinegar in the same parts and additionally spray the within walls, and casually rub by having a sponge or possibly soft wash cloth.
  • Ensure that you simply dry the sides from the freezer prior to putting the frozen foods back into the drawers. Make sure that the deep freeze temperature has reached -18oC.

Things to avoid When Cleaning a Refrigerator :

  • Do not place wrapping or food with walls within the refrigerator.
  • Do not overload any freezer compartment.
  • Ensure nutrition is given away evenly all over the freezer that will allow quite possibly circulation for cold air.
  • Do not place uncovered food directly inside the fridge shelves unit on the freezer compartment.
  • Always store in order of expiry date, this will help to ensure the fact that food is certainly consumed earlier than it deteriorates.
  • To maintain your refrigerator odor free, place a little jar within the fridge with a few tablespoons associated with baking soda or along with cotton wool with vinegar onto it.

How Frequently Should You Clean a Ice Maker?

Yes, of course. The experts suggest clean it at least once in six months. Hard water can reduce the functionality. So, you need to clean it regularly. You may need to clean it once in three months. 
You need to remove the unwanted things from the freezer before start cleaning. The task is not so pleasant. But you have to do it. Because you can get yourself free from the further hassle by doing this. 

How To Clean an Ice Tray in Your Freezer

You can use vinegar to clean an ice maker. Instead of vinegar baking soda can also be used. Just follow the steps to complete the task-

  • Firstly, remove everything from the ice cube bin
  • Then make a solution of vinegar and water. We are suggesting the ratio of water and vinegar is 10:1. You can also do it otherwise. 
  • Now use a spray bottle to spray the solution on the ice cube
  • And then you can rub and clean it using a rag or, microfiber cloth
  • For a better cleaning toothbrush can also be used
  • Finally, you need to rinse it with an adequate amount of water

We already told you about the alternative solution with baking soda. In that case, you can simply use it instead of vinegar. Therefore, you have to rinse the ice maker just after the cleaning process.


Always remember, when cleaning your refrigerator you remove just about all food within the refrigerator that’s prone to spoiling, examine all expiration dates. Preventing leaving beef, fish as well as vegetables within the fridge, this may limit the actual damage in the event of unexpected electrical interruption.

If you have a fridge or even freezer in a holiday house that continues to be closed for a long time period, ensure that you simply complete empty, switch this off as well as after cleansing it, depart the doorways open. This can prevent the actual formation associated with mildew as well as bad odors forming.

Hopefully this short guide has helped you to make sure the process is an easy one.

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