4 Great Methods For Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl (Like New!)

how to clean a toilet

A toilet should keep as the first priority to clean because it’s an important place in our house which we use in daily life. But it can be the most dangerous place for us if we don’t keep it neat & clean every day. A dirty toilet is not only harmful but also irritating. It never lets you stay in bathrooms for a minute.

The toilet is the dream place for viruses & bacteria to live & grow. They can spread from toilet to bathroom surface. As a result, you and your family’s health must fall at risk. Even an unclean toilet is a source of bad smells. It leads the homo atmosphere to unfit for living. So schedule toilet cleaning is a must thing to do. A regular Toilet cleaning prevents the growing strain in the toilet bowl and keeps it visibly & effectively clean.

Why You Should Clean Your Toilet

A dirty toilet is very scary when it feels like a stinky dump. It will ruin your image unexpectedly in front of your relatives and invited guests. No one can expect an uncleaned dirty toilet from a well-educated family. So you have to be cautious about it. Also, a dirty toilet is a reason for many health diseases like urinary tract infections(UTIs), Diarrohea, dysentery, etc. for catching viruses and bacterias from the toilet. In addition, dirty toilets are the production house of Mold, a dangerous fungus that can lead you even to death. So no one should compromise with a clean toilet.

How to Clean Toilet

Materials Needed:

Before taking steps to clean your toilet, please follow these steps to ensure proper cleaning:

  1. Pre-steps of cleaning
    Put on mask and gloves & take away the necessary bathroom staff like towels, bin, etc far from the toilet. Open the window of the bathroom. Now take a cloth or brush to remove the dust away from the exterior surface of the toilet. It will help the cleanser to get the best result of killing bacterias.
  2. Use a cleanser
    A specially formulated cleaner is very important to clean the toilet cause it removes deep bowl strain and bad smells from the commode & kills germs effectively. Now open the lid and remove the bowl by the flush. Then apply the cleaner inside the toilet circularly. You have to be careful so that you can use the cleaner in every hidden corner of the toilet. You can use a mild disinfecting liquid spray over them. After that close the lid and keep it until you clean the exterior.
  3. Clean the Exterior
    Besides cleaning the rim, the exterior is mandatory to wash. Germ & bacteria are also there. After closing the lid, take a whole cleaner spray, apply it around the seat and lid. Don’t forget to spray on the tank. Next, take a cloth and wipe on them gently. If you find any strain over them then you can use a toothbrush or genuine sponge to rub. When you think you are all done, wash the seat and lid with soaked toilet paper or clothes. Then wipe on the toilet tank.
  4. Clean the Toilet Bowl:
    Open the lid of the rim again & take the toilet brush. Now scrub around the whole commode with the brush. Put a pressure where you find out the strains that don’t go away so easily. Remove debris and hard deposits. Keep rubbing & rubbing until you find it visibly clean. Then rinse the toilet brush into the bowl and keep it to dry.
  5. Rinse the Toilet:
    If you think you got some yellow spots inside the toilet then you can spread some baking soda over there and keep them for a couple of minutes. Then Scrubbing the rim, rinse the commode, and press the flush button. Flush is the way to dispose of the dirty water and remove the bad smells from the toilet. If you’ve already used toilet paper it’s a chance to get rid of them. After a good flush, close the lid. And take back the things you’ve removed, now replace them at the same place. Now you are all okay with a clean fresh look

Ensure your safety first. It’s very expected to live a healthy life. A toilet is a part of our house and workplace. So keeping them unclean means a loss for our health. Clean toilet on a daily routine and must gather knowledge if you don’t know how to clean it. It will be safe for your kids also. Try to clean them a preliminary wash every week and a deep clean every month. Don’t keep dirty water into the rim, give a random flush. Thus you can keep the toilet away from making more strains. So be fresh and stay healthy.

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