Best Ways To Easily Clean a Waffle Iron

how to easily clean a waffle maker

There is something wonderful about the crispy grid on the waffle maker that captures the pools of sugar and melted butter. Waffle lovers see to it that they have their own waffle maker at home. Making waffles is truly enjoyable but, for most owners, to clean a waffle maker takes the fun out of it.

Build up on your waffle iron can become very sticky over time and impact it;s overall performance. if you don’t clean it after every baking process.The waffle iron can become sticky and even short circuit. Luckily for you this guide will show you all the best ways you can clean a waffle iron easily.

How to Clean a Waffle Maker

Steps in cleaning a waffle maker:

  • Make sure to unplug from the power source. You don’t want any accident happening so treat it as the most important step.
  • Clean the exterior part using a damp and clean cloth. Check if all the parts are wiped before going to other areas.
  • Clearing out the interior grooves by using a cotton swab or paper towel with drops of oil to remove the burnt-out batter. A pastry brush also helps to clean those hard-to-reach section.
  • Washing the cooking plates is easier as you can rinse with soapy, warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth before storing away.

How to clean a sticky waffle iron

How to Clean a Waffle Maker

Oil your waffle iron before cooking, clean it down with a paper towel or a damp fabric once it is cooled, and avoid detergent or soap at all costs!

  • To clean the waffle iron mix equal parts of salt and baking soda to make a solution.
  • Apply the salt and baking soda paste to the waffle iron by utilizing a soft brush or white clean cloth.
  • Softly rub the paste over the waffle iron, using slight water if required
  • Utilize a wet cloth to get rid of the dirt and paste.
  • Wipe the waffle maker down with a wet fabric
  • Now put the waffle iron upside down over a neat paper towel and leave it to dry properly.

You can also clean the waffle iron with a slight of steam if your waffle maker is heavily made in congealed batter and put water to the grid, and warm it. The steam will very help to release the batter stickiness. After this procedure, you’ll need to re-season your waffle iron to make sure that the next batch of delicious waffles does not stick.


Waffles are a wonderful combination of fat, sugar and flour, and heat. The batter needs to contain enough oil to help in the releasing procedure and prevent any sort of sticking. Eating a freshly made waffle and having to clean a waffle maker should go together and must be a habit than a chore. Keeping things clean in the kitchen surely makes a happy home.

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