How To Clean an Espresso Machine in 4 Simple Steps!


An espresso machine would be a valuable asset for a coffee lover. A carefully clean espresso machine will not only last longer and work firmly but also offer delightful drinks. Here are some tips on cleaning your espresso machine at home.

1) Backwashing your machine:

You have to wash your espresso machine regularly. If you are using your machine daily, backwashing your machine once in a month will be enough. 
A blind filter brings with an espresso machine, which stops water from running over the port filter. For backwashing, insert the blind filter into the port filter and run the hot water. 

You have to run the hot water for a few seconds, and then leave it. The water will be dispensed into the drip tray. Then fill up the port filter with any detergent suitable for your espresso machine and run through the machine. After that run fresh water to make sure that the complete cleaning agent has been drain out. Backwashing will take out coffee oils and beans ground from the machine. Before you start cleaning validate that the water tank is full of water.

2) Brush down the Basket:

For cleaning your espresso machine tidily, take out the basket from the port filter and carefully scrub it. You can easily pop out the basket with the help of a teaspoon. Use a brush to scrub the basket and wash it with the hot water. 

3) Clean the Shower Head:

The showerhead is a metal filter that dispenses the hot water into the cup. Coffee grounds buildup over time may leave bitter oils on the showerhead that can make your espresso to taste bitter. Carefully clean the showerhead with a brush to remove coffee grounds. 

4) Cleaning the Steam wand:

After every use, the steam wand should be clean with a damp cloth. Immediately wiping will avoid milk from burning and sticking on the machine. Insert a brush into the steam wand to remove any avoidable residue inside the tube so it stays in good condition.  

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