4 Easy Ways To Give Your Car Seats Deep Clean (DIY)

No matter how you want to be careful, you are always going to get some dirt on your seat. Your car’s cloth or leather seats will unavoidably become dirty over time from normal use. For this reason, you can’t change the car. But you can easily clean your car’s seats.

The dirty car seat is a normal affair. Some modern car interior is used dark material for hiding dirt. Occasionally cleaning a car is a very good idea. Your car’s interior will look better and smell fresher.
So, what can you do to battle dirty car seats?

Well, now you can read on and find how to face the most stubborn stains & how to clean almost any type of car seat.

How to clean a cloth car seats

It can be difficult to clean cloth seats if stains become stuck in the cloth, and you can be left with frightful marks or feeble material. Thankfully, this typical problem has a solution.

At first clean your cloth car seat. And then the most important part is to grab that vacuum cleaner. You can use a brush, but a vacuum cleaner is a batter option.

How to clean leather car seats

Leather cleaning car seats is almost similar to cloth car seats. There are a few important differences. To clean leather car seats, you’ll need to use a specific leather upholstery cleaner, which could be cream rather than a spray or shampoo.

To use leather car seats the best part is you should easily see dirt and easily clean it too properly in a little time. After washing your leather car seats, you can see the shining of leather seats.
It is best to clean upholstery nowadays. On a rainy day, water can not wet your seats. You can wipe easily.

How to clean car seat stain

Normally your car is the second dining table. We almost always eat something while driving, maybe it’s morning tea or coffee, late-night fast food, road trip meals, or emergency snacks. Sometimes unconsciously food drops into the car seats. If you want to clean your car seats, you have to follow some rules.

You need to always keep a dry cleaning brush on the car so that you can scrub off any bits and dirt from the seats.

You also can use a vacuum. It can your car seats to lift off any dirt or debris from the seats.

To buy interior shampoo you can easily clean your car seats. You can apply another technique like- 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of washing soda mix in a bowl with two cups of hot water. This mixture you can use on your car seats.
The next step is you can wipe the car seats using a clean towel until the seat is cleaned.
Then you need to open your can window to let the car seats to dry off completely.
The homemade technique to clean car seats

During winter and spring dust and mud are carried inside especially on the car. However, there are so many ways to get rid of dust mud and germs.
In modern times car cleaners and custom car cleaning companies are popular and are available. You can be called them and easily clean your car seats.
But it is very costly. You can clean your car at home.

Fabric Seat Cleaner Homemade Recipe

To make a homemade cleaner spray recipe you need some ingredients like 1 clean spray bottle, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 – 2 teaspoons of mineral or baby oil, 1 – 2 teaspoons of mineral or baby oil. Mix all the ingredients properly don’t let the solution get too foamy. Now you can use the mixture a small amount on a cloth.

Leather Seat Cleaner Homemade Recipe

To make a leather cleaner homemade recipe some ingredients like 1/4 cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of olive oil, 6 – 10 drops of lemon essential oil (optional), 1 empty spray bottle, 2 to 3 cleaning cloths. For use put a small amount of mixture in a cloth and wipe the car seats. Finally, you can see the cleaning & shinning leather car seats.

Deep cleaning tips and tricks

You want to keep your car seats neat and clean for a long time, you need to follow some tips and tricks.

  • You can always keep a spray bottle filled with two-parts water and one-part liquid soap or laundry detergent. You can use any type of detergent. In this way, you can clean your car seats supper first.
  • If you and your family member have any problem with chemical sensitivity try a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaner such as Miracle II Soap or Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap.
  • You can keep a non-abrasive scouring pad in your car. It will help your get rid of the stain.
  • You also can keep a vacuum equipped with a wand attachment. Easily you use a vacuum equipped to get rid of the stain.
  • For leather upholstery, you can use a paper towel. Paper towel cleans any dirt on leather upholstery in a minute.
  • If your family has a small member or any child, then you need to know how to remove gum on your car seats. To remove gum, you need to hold a bag full of ice against the gum for at least five minutes. After some time, remove the ice and dislodge the gum.
  • If you want to remove ink stains combine one tablespoon of liquid soap, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray on the ink stain, and allow it to soak in for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes soak a cloth in water, and use it to gently rub the area until the stain is lifted.
  • If your stains are stubborn, you need to repeat the process a couple of times. When the stain is removed, use a wet cloth to remove all traces of the vinegar solution.

In this current situation, your car is your second home. You spend a lot of time in the car. So you need to clean your car and car seats. Cleaning your car seats at home is more affordable. That’s why you have to know how to clean car seats.

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