3 of The Most Effective Ways in Cleaning a Candle Jar

how to clean a candle jar

Although the basic way of cleaning a candle jar is scraping the wax and washing it, using the right kind of cleaning materials will do a lot of help and will prove effective regardless of the material the candle jar is made of. Choose soft scraping materials, mild cleaning soap and soft cloth material to be used in wiping them dry to avoid leaving scratch marks.

Quality candle jars can be determined by the materials they were made from. But the durability of these candle jars still depends on its proper handling and use, particularly in cleaning a candle jar. It is always useful to know the heat resistant capacity of your candle jar because it will help you get into the right cleaning process.

There are candle jars that are made of other materials aside from glass and ceramics. Candle jars can also be made from metal, clay, and wood, and other improvised candle jars. These different materials will also require a different cleaning approach.

How To Clean a Candle Jar With Hot Water

The process of cleaning a candle jar with hot water can be done by placing the candle jar in boiling water to soften or melt the candle wax is a common practice. But for more delicate jars, you can simply get a silicone made material to scrape the remaining candle wax and wash them in warm water and liquid soap using a good kind of sponge.

How To Clean Candle Jar Soot

Candles are produced using a mix of excellent paraffin and soy wax which have moderately low melting points and thusly a more extensive selection of approaches to clean them. The approaches to clean candle jar soot can either be freeze or wash techniques.

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In the event that you select the freezing technique, ensure that your candle has totally cooled and set subsequent to burning out.

  1. At that point place it into the cooler for about 60 minutes.
  2. At the point when the wax drops to a specific temperature, the wax shrinks and pulls from the edges of the candle jar.
  3. The wax will get fragile and simple to remove.
  4. Remove the jar from the refrigerator and remove the extra wax and metal wick cut by flipping around the jar and delicately tapping on a level surface.
  5. The wax should pop right out however in the event that it’s struggling, you can generally take a blade – kindly consistently take alert when utilizing a shape object to carefully remove the wax out.
  6. Then, a damp cloth can be used to wipe off any residual wax.

  7. Afterward, the candle jar can clean using a wash technique.
  8. You will likely have to begin with a cooled and hardened candle.
  9. Use a blade to scratch off as much wax as possible. Then, the jar should be put into a container with warm & soapy water.
  10. Allow the jar for a couple of minutes such that the wax softens.
  11. After the wax has relaxed, you can feel free to scour the candle jar clean utilizing the warm water that it’s been absorbing to eliminate the scoot.

This technique will more than likely remove any dark residue/scoot spot you may have around your candle jar. However, using these tips to guarantee you make the most out of your candle jar and remove the scoot.

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It will be a lot of help if we can do some online research and learn some techniques from home experts on properly cleaning a candle jar and maintaining their quality. We can always get the value of our money for the candle jars that we bought if we can reuse it and keep it for a longer period of time. Even the candle jars with sentimental values in them can be kept for long as long as we know the proper way of caring for them

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