7 Easy Steps For Cleaning Out Your Closet (Quickly)

hoe to clean a closet fast

If you’re asking how to declutter your closet, it means that you are either tired of all the mess inside your closet, or you’re attempting to do something about it. Today’s mission is how to declutter your closet and free up some additional hanging space in your dwelling. That does not mean that you’re going to completely rid your cupboard of all of the clothes you have on hangers. But only those who have become clutter. You must find a way to organize those clothes before you reach the stage of totally removing everything from the closet.

Everybody knows how fast a closet can become cluttered and filthy. However, in this guide we’l be discussing some awesome tops when it comes to de-cluttering your closet and cleaning it out fast.

Following these simple, yet effective steps will show you how to not only clean your closet the most effectively:

Sorting Clothes:

One of the first things you ought to do when you are decluttering is arranging your clothes by color and type. In case you have mainly white and black clothes, then it is reasonable to sort them by type since those will be the easiest to get out. Place them in the most organized pile first, and make certain that you sort the clothes by color before placing them back. This will save you time when you get to that certain item that you need to go back for. Additionally, it makes it much easier to see at a glance what your life is like organized.

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Donate Unwanted Clothing:

When you are decluttering your closet, do not forget about the rest of the stuff in the room. If your family has plenty of children, you’ll probably find other clothing to contribute. If not, you can contribute the smaller pieces first, while still keeping some of these larger items. When you’re through with that heap of things, you will be ready to decide what to do with the rest of your clutter.

Utilize Hangers:

When you decide what to keep, sort it into piles based on how much material you need to get rid of. Put the heavier items towards the top, while lighter things should be in the bottom. Add the things you can not bear to eliminate right at the bottom, so you won’t have to manage them for too long. Once everything is sorted into categories, put all of the items on a hanger to maximize space.

Placing Folded Clothes in Drawers:

If you have a couple of vacant dress drawers, be sure to fold the piles of organized clothes to get the most storage possible. Start with the smaller sized shirts and socks and work your way through the other items.

You’ll probably benefit if you make separate piles for each type of clothing that will be folded and which ones will be hung up. As soon as you get into the other piles, separate them further. Now you can get to the actual clothes that hang from the maximum hanging rod.


Learning how to declutter your closet is a big deal. Not only will it help you live a better life, but it will also help prevent you from getting overwhelmed with your possessions. While it may seem like an unnecessary measure, once you start decluttering your cupboard, it is going to become easier. Once you know how to declutter your closet organized, you’ll be happy that you took time and did it.

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