3 Ways For Cleaning Your Walls Like a Professional

Who doesn’t love a clean & fresh interior? No matter what your walls are painted or not, they are ready to be dirty by dust, scratches, juice or foods, etc. A cleaned house is completely meaningless with dirty walls. Clean walls always make a big difference.

It brings noticeable changes in your living areas. But many of us don’t care about it. Cleaning walls become a big deal sometimes. But it is actually not. Don’t forget that walls are part of our house, so it’s very important to keep them germs, dirt & dust free even they smooth or not, painted or not, or even covered by wallpapers.

If you just clear your house surface, floor, or stairs but not aware of cleaning walls then look at the following beneficial facts of cleaning walls from experts.

Why You Should Clean Your Walls

Unclean walls for a long time are the ideal places for germs, bacterias , and fungus. So it’s become a risk issue when it’s about health. Unwashed walls are highly risky for asthma patients or allergic persons. So it’s very necessary to clean the walls.

Clean walls are not only beneficial for physical health but also very important for mental health. They create your workplace as fresh & sound so that you can concentrate peacefully on your tasks. Besides clean walls add a different dimension to your surroundings

How to Clean Your Walls

Wiping with cloth dipped in water is a common way to clean walls, But if you have got the tints and stains on the walls then you have to go to the next level where you use warm water with dishwashing soap. Mild & gentle cleanser should keep as a first priority.

If you are tired of cleaning but didn’t get enough results then take a bucket of clean warm water and mix a cup of ammonia, half a cup of vinegar, and a quarter cup of baking soda. Then mix it well and follow these next steps for clean your dirty walls:

  1. First of all, make sure that you’ve gathered all the furniture in the middle of the room then spread an absorbing towel or cloth along the wall you are ready to clean so that the cloth can absorb all the dripping water or cleanser staff from the walls. It won’t let the surface to be dirty. Next, turn on the vacuum cleaner with the attached brush and start to remove the dirt from the walls before using the cleanser. It’s very important.
  2. Then make a comfortable surface from where you can start the cleaning. Keep two buckets near to you. One is for a clean solution and the second one is for clean water to rinse off after washing. Now take a soft cloth in hand & dip it into the cleanser and gently wipe on the walls. Don’t be harsh anymore. It will damage your painting walls. But if your walls are not painted, you can rub it gently if needed to dirt off. Make sure that your wall cleaning starts from the top of the wall.

  3. It’s a smart step. If soap water doesn’t work immediately then you should use the ammonia solution and wash it in a circular motion but don’t put pressure anymore. If the obstinate stains keep sticking up, you can use baking soda paste directly there. Hope it will work effectively. Another way to remove the red stain of wine is by using Hydrogen peroxide on the spot and keep it for several minutes. It will vanish the red stains. However, you should be very careful in every step you are following.
  4. Rinse the wall & Let It Dry

How To Dry Your Walls

When you finish the washing it is time to rinse off the walls. Take a soft cloth or sponge and soak it in clean water then wipe the wall to rinse. After rinsing off, keep the wet cloth aside and take a new dry cloth to wipe the rest water over the walls & then let the wall dry. That’s it! Now enjoy a fresh look.

Things To Consider When Cleaning Walls


Decoration and Function:
If you want to paint your walls with color then cleaning the walls before the painting is a must. Cause this process is important to get a smooth finishing. Even if your walls are painted, they also require to be cleaned to keep the wall painting manufacturing function as same. Otherwise painted or wallpapered walls will be risky for our healthy existence.

Sometimes the outlook of your workplace enhances your mental identity and professionalism. Clean walls add a pretty look & make your appearances brighter than before.


Cleaning walls just using costly chemicals or products will be useless if you don’t the whole procedure step by step. Cleaning walls don’t require special types of equipment. You can complete this job using household staff and properties.

Assemble All the Cleaning staffs:
I’ve already said that walls cleaning can be completed with the supplies that are easily available. There are high chances that you already have them all. so it’s your first step to gather the things such as Liquid soap or dishwashing soap, Baking soda, Vinegar, Cleaning brush, Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, a Vacuum cleaner with the attached brush, soft cloth, sponge, stain remover, buckets, and ladder in one place.

Experts say frequent wall cleaning brighten up your interior, remove your monotony and give you a healthy environment with long-lasting freshness. So don’t forget to clean your walls. If you think you can’t follow the steps on your own then take an expert’s help hand so that you don’t fall into trouble.

If so, let the cleaning responsibility to the cleaner. But don’t stop your schedule wall cleaning. Always keep the supplies in your home and clean the walls whenever you get free time. You can do it weekly or monthly. Clean walls and make an environment to take a deep fresh breath always.

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