The Most Effective Ways to Clean Drinking Glasses

best way to clean a glass cup

A sparkling glass cups are one of the nicest things many home owners have in their house. They add a fancy look to your home, office, or bar. Most glass cleaners accessible in the market contain ammonia. Also, some cleaning spray prominently called multi-surface cleaners. Generally, one of the main constituents of these cleaners is vinegar, which is a characteristic cleaning compound.
The procedures outlined below will assist you in maintaining your glass table to be perfect and shimmering.

What Causes Glasses To Become Cloudy?

There are hard water and minerals in our drinking water. It can reduce the effectiveness of detergent. So, you will not be able to clean the drinking glasses with simple detergent. The soft water does not act like this.

The minerals are also can create another problem. The detergent will make a cloudy film. Therefore, it will not be cleaned properly. In addition, etching is another unwanted thing that can happen. In that case, a normal cleaning solution will not be enough. 

How To Clean a Cloudy Glass?

Steps for cleaning a cloudy glass:

  • To remove cloudiness from the glass you can simply follow the steps below-
  • Firstly, use a dishwasher and detergent to clean the glass. then dry it in the air. So, this is a very simple cleaning process you follow every day
  • Secondly, you can use a vinegar solution to remove the cloudiness. Make a solution with warm water and vinegar
  • Use a cloth to rub onto the surface of the glass. Use the solution and clean it.
  • Finally, rinse the glass with water. That’s all for cloudiness.

How To Remove Stains in Cup With Baking Soda

Steps for cleaning cup stains with baking soda:

  • To remove dark stains you need to use bleach and baking soda.
  • Make a solution with bleach. And then you can soak the glass on the solution.
  • In addition, you can scrub the glass with baking soda.
  • It will remove dark stains from it. 

In conclusion, I want to tell you about another method. It is the toothpaste method. There is no alternative to toothpaste to remove dark spots from any surface. Use the toothpaste and toothbrush. And then rinse with water. 

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